Battle Egg



Iron Chef Japanese Kōmei Nakamura (中村孝明)
Iron Chef Japanese Masaharu Morimoto (森本正治)

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Judges Panel

The judges for the Egg battle are:

Chef Morimoto's Dishes

  • Smoked Asparagus with Fried Egg
  • Sake-baked Zaru-Tofu in Egg Sauce
  • Fried Egg Dumplings
  • Umeboshi Steamed Egg Pudding
  • Truffled Rice Soup with Egg
  • Cream Soda Flip Cocktail with French Takano Tofu

Chef Nakamura's Dishes

  • Egg Egg '99
  • Whitefish Eggs, Takaaki-Style
  • Ise Shrimp and Eggs Sautéed with Foie Gras
  • Steamed Crab Eggs
  • Light Strawberry Dessert with Green Tea


Kōmei Nakamura

Final Scores

Nakamura Morimoto
Kurimoto 19 18
Asano 19 18
Satomi 20 19
Hosoki 19 18
Totals 77 73

The winner is determined by the number of judges who rule in favor of a chef. If there is a split vote, it comes down to total points. If points are also tied, the match ends in a draw.

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