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Iron Chef Chinese Kenichi Chen (陳建一)
Spano Stelvio

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Chairman Kaga is upset. His Iron Chefs have had a 33% win percentage in recent months. He arranged a battle for Iron Chef Kenichi Chen with a talented Osaka-based Italian chef, who came highly recommended by actor and Iron Chef judge Masaki Kanda.

However, Chairman Kaga decided to boycott the battle out of embarrassment. Dr. Yukio Hattori will take over Chairman duties for this battle.

Judges Panel

The judges for the Suckling Pig battle are:

Battle Action

Iron Chefs Sakai, Morimoto and Kobe were in the stands to cheer Chen on, although Iron Chef Kobe was keen to point out that he didn't lose a battle recently and was carrying water for the team.

One of Chen's dishes consisted of an entire 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola which was reduced down to create a sauce for the suckling pig. This is odd but not that unusual for pork; I've seen Martha Stewart do this with ham, many barbecuers swear by using cola in a spray bottle to provide a nice glaze to smoked pork shoulder and ribs, and my father used to deglaze carnitas with cola and lime wedges.

Kanda-san was on the floor during the battle checking out the action up close. Action which included the challenger creating a thick pasta containing lemon peels.

Chef Stelvio's Dishes

  • Pork Appetizer, Two Flavors
  • Tomato & Pork Pasta
  • Roast Pork, Balsamic Vinegar Flavor
  • Pork Dessert with Celery Stewed in Red Wine

Chef Chen's Dishes

  • Pork Salad
  • Pork Stewed in Cola, Smoked and Fried
  • Fried Pork in Chinese Stew
  • Chinese Roast Piglet
  • Chinese Herbal Soup with Pork

Judges' Notes

Dr. Hattori takes over tasting duty from Chairman Kaga. Masaki Kanda tastes but does not judge.


Kenichi Chen

Final Scores

Chen Stelvio
Kurimoto 20 19
Azuma 20 19
Takahashi 20 19
Kishi 19 17
Totals 79 74

The winner is determined by the number of judges who rule in favor of a chef. If there is a split vote, it comes down to total points. If points are also tied, the match ends in a draw.

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